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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Clicking for BloggerAid!

We celebrated Kaaradiya Nombu with great aplomb. Suganya's spoken about the festival here beautifully. This was a very important festival for my mom and she did keep a 'vrath' and all that for my dad. Very obviously, I did not do all that, and made sure A helped me with this. I also tied the sacred strand/thread. See? I like the pic, so putting it up ;)

I was waiting for this festival to eat the Nombu Adais slathered with butter and, A and I were waiting for the festival to use our new bamboo steamer. Ya, this time around (our first, actually) we used bamboo steamers to steam our Nombu Adais. Traditionally, an Idli cooker/utensil is used. However, with great forethought (the Idli gadget is way too much stuff to clean up :D) ,we decided to use our newly acquired bamboo steamer.

We are not posting the recipe right now since we are sending this to BloggerAid for the BloggerAid cookbook aimed at creating great school meals as part of the World Food Program, a UN agency. This event requires us to send in our recipe through email to them, while not posting it on the blog. We hope that we've done our small bit towards alleviating hunger in the world.

Since this is a bamboo steamer and its wood and all that, this pic also goes to Jugalbandi's CLICK- Wood event! Yay! :D

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