Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moong Dal stuffed Simla Mirch - Less Is More!

So, we were chatting online, and we suddenly realized we do not participate in blog events as much as we want to or should! We made a decision to get back home and work on various events :P and create deadlines for ourselves. Well, deadlines have never worked, have they? :) A came home to a super-lazy me who was ready with yesterday's leftovers for dinner and a sulk because I was just SO bored. We both unknowingly dozed off on the couch until we woke up suddenly (in hunger!) and realized we had to eat leftovers and just ate our dinner listlessly.

After being energized by the leftovers dinner ;), we started thinking of the Less Is More event. A came up with the idea of a stuffed capsicum. We rummaged in our fridge and found a capsicum. Yes, ONE capsicum. Less Is More no? :D So, we went about changing the basic recipe given by my mom and a recipe from Aayi's recipes (sniff, sniff) to this one! We later realized that it is super healthy too. Check it out yourself!


ONE capsicum ;) (keeping in line with the theme!)
1/2 cup Moong Dal - boiled in the microwave for 10 mins, so that it is cooked and the grains remain separate
1 tsp cumin seeds
1/2 cup onion
1 tsp Garam Masala
1tbsp oil

1. Heat oil in a pan, add jeera and hope it splutters (like I always do!)

2. Just when you are about to lose patience, add those onions and saute them, stir them quickly around the pan hoping that quick movements of hand over the onions make them cook faster ;)

3. Add salt and Garam Masala. Mix well.

4. Add Moong Dal, mix and allow to cook (this 'allowing to cook' is easy on your nerves, because you can do these things then - switch on the oven to preheat it on broil mode, and cut the top of the capsicum off and deseed it. You can even clean after your husband if he is helping you with this. :) So, you do not have to hover over the gas and wait and watch the onions get brown!) :D

5. Use this mixture to fill up the capsicum and put this on a greased baking tray. Take pictures, if possible ;)

6. Then pop in the tray and broil it for 15-20 minutes or until the capsicum is cooked. Then, do not dig into it. Take pictures, and rush to post your recipe :P

Note: Be careful and do not burn your hands like I do, everytime. I look like an abused woman with the burns on my hand. But I swear, A is really, really nice to me ;)

Oh yes, let me repeat, that was made with 5 ingredients and we are sending this to Nupur's Less Is More event. This was inspired by our enthusiasm :D and this recipe from Aayi's recipes. This recipe is the same as my mom's and my mom's mom's! :D

Thanks for this event, Nupur! I figured out how to cook a second dinner after my first :), all in 20 minutes flat, and that 'with enthusiasm.' Is there a healthy food event, or a cook in less time event, that we can send this to? :)

P.S - We are linking this post to Coffee too! (Thank God I read the rules this time around :P)


Nags said...

you tell me i am creative?! how on earth did you do that one below other thingie on the MBP logo? THAT is creative my friend :) changing template is no big deal, u have scores of free templates available online. and honestly, i am not a fan of my current template. i like the sidebars on either side of the main content area. actually i am working with a friend of mine for a new layout. also thinking of changing name of blog :) rebranding :D

this one is really cool! the recipe and that thing u have done wiht the logo. amazing!

Shreya said...

N: First, lovely post - Steps 1 and 2 are things I can totally relate to! Second, wonderful entry. Finally, I absolutely agree with Nags!! You are so creative, that 5 ingredients in the logo itself is a sure winner. Your blog template is one of the simplest, uncluttered, and nicest (again, I agree with Nags, though I like her template too!), do stop fretting:-)

Aparna said...

This looks interesting. Unfortunately, I'm the only one at home who like Simla Mirch! They don't know what they're missing.:)
Thanks for visiting my kitchen.
As you're into blog events, maybe you should check the two I'm guest hosting this month, and cook up something for them.:D

Dhanggit said...

this look mouth-watering....great entry too!!

Nupur said...

Thank you for the lovely entry. I like the graphical representation of the five ingredients!

Vaishali said...

A&N, I love the idea of stuffing capsicum with moong dal. How innovative and healthy! It looks delectable too!

Mansi Desai said...

that sounds delicious A&N!:)

Laavanya said...

How do you have the energy and creativity to think of a dish after having dinner.. usually I have a tough time thinking of food when I'm fully :)
Looks beautiful and that is pretty healthy too. Nice touch on the logo too.

Cham said...

I understood with empty stomach you can never concentrate. Well after leftover if u re so creative, thinking what would be after eating this mirchi!
Kidding simply superb adding the pic in logo :)

Indranee said...

Hey don't be sorry:)Looking forward to read your tag...and this recipe is just fabulous!

Madhavi said...

Awesome recipe, love d stuffing, mouthwatering entry!!!

Suma Rajesh said...

healthy recipe ...loved the stuffing process aieth moongdal...the last pic is inviting and looks delicious..

Amrutha said...

hey! Thx for stopping by my blog. You have some interesting recipes here. Keep cooking!

tigerfish said...

Looks like a green apple!


rekhas kitchen said...

wow yaar kaya idea hai I love to eat simla mirch in any form even raw in salads this recipe wooho looks great and that logo is supperb what a idea, too good

sowmya said...

nice recipe..stuffing moong dal is new..have only tried with mashed potatoes...good entry..

Trupti said...

wow A & N stuffed simla mirch looks very delicious and healthy too & nice editing of logo.


lovely dish . moong dal & capsicum are my favourites .. looks very yummy .. Am just like you, always manage to burn my hands :P

Adam said...

Nice looking Moong-Dal. It looks very healthy, and very quick to put together.

It's cool if you're a Giants/Yanks fan. I was totally rooting for the Giants in the Superbowl... anyone who can take out the Patriots is a friend of mine. Tell me you like Tom Brady... and maybe we have a problem :)

A_and_N said...

@ Nags: Its just a powerpoint collage , nothing fancy to be honest :) Changing your blog name/layout sounds fun! But what do you mean by rebranding?

@ Shreya: Thank you, thank you, and...thank you :D

@ Aparna: I checked out the events. Both sound great! Can I break the Chhallah into small pieces and submit it for the bread event (said with an innocent smile :) ). Just kidding! We'll definitely try our best to submit entries. You have a super-kitchen also :)

@ Dhanggit: It is nice and encouraging to hear that from a fab-baker like you :) Thanks!

@ Nupur: Thanks for hosting the event that gave us the opportunity to 'think' and then cook as opposed to the other way around ;)

@ Vaishali: Thanks a ton for the comment :)

@ Mansi: Thank you so much! Although I cant get over that tomato/garlic chutney of yours. I've been pestering N to make some :D

@ Laavanya and Cham: As they say, necessity is the mother of invention......and seriously, we dont think much unless it is absolutely necessary :) Besides, it was one of those situations where we couldnt find much besides that lone bell pepper in the fridge so we were kind of forced to think. I think the Moong Dal idea came up because we didnt have potatoes at our house :D.

@ Indranee: Here's the tag for you :)

@ Madhavi: Thanks a lot :D

@ Suma: Thanks! BTW, we tried your thick strawberry shake and it came out really well :)

@ Amrutha: Thanks! We'll try our best to keep cooking and sharing our experiences through the blog :)

@ tigerfish: LOL :) Actually it does look like a broiled green apple! Thanks for stopping by :)

@ Rekhaskitchen: Shukriya :) Jaan kar achcha laga ki aapko pasand aaya. Par hume yeh nahi maloom thha ki aap shimla mirch kacha kha sakti hain! Agar waqt mile to is recipe ko try kar ke dekhiyega :)

@ Sowmya: As we mentioned before: the idea of moong dal came because we didnt have potatoes at our house :)

@ Trupti: Thanks for the comment :)

@ Vegetable platter: Thanks you so much. Well...now you have one way of combining your fav ingredients :)

@ Adam: Actually I like Brady because he went to Michigan and so did I. However, I was still rooting for the Giants because The Pats lost my respect a bit because of the whole spygate saga :)