Friday, January 23, 2009

Squash soup :)

Every visit to the Farmer's Market is a much-awaited and much-dreaded weekend for me because A's face changes, his mouth spreads wide into a grin on seeing them - he did not smile this much even at our wedding. He starts ogling at them, touching them and feels them lovingly. I hate them. I walk away hurt. His eyes narrow as I try to ignore his atrocious behaviour in front of everyone. He gets back at me. He gets back at me by holding them in his hand. Pays hard-earned money for them. Uses my beloved oven and makes them into one of favourite meals - soup. The only reason I dread the Farmer's Market is because of the unique relationship between A and the myriad of squashes available there.

A loves to cook and he loves to give surprises. Combine both, and I have a gala :D So, it was my birthday last weekend according to the Hindu calendar and my husband cooked the WHOLE day for me :D Among the stuff made were these Pesto rolls, an ice cream cake whose recipe he's promised to post soon and some creamy squash soup for dinner. I love this soup though I hate squash and A *loves* squash as is obvious!

It is super simple to make and extremely, extremely tasty. I love it and we make it quite often. In fact, the rule at home now is that we should use squash only in that form :) Here is the recipe for all you soup connoisseurs.


1 Acorn squash

1 Butternut squash

1 tbsp heavy cream

1 tbsp butter1 tbsp olive oil+extra for brushing.

1/4 tsp crushed Oregano
1/4 tsp red chilli powder
1/4 tsp paprika powder
Pinch of Nutmeg
Pinch of Tarragon
Salt to taste
Crushed peppercorn to taste.
Water as needed

1. Preheat the oven to 425F.

2. Cut each squash into quarters. Brush them with olive oil and let them soften in the oven till tender, about 40-45 mins.

3. Using a spoon, remove the seeds and then collect all the tender pulp in a dish. Allow to cool for 10-15 mins.

4. Puree the pulp in a mixer. Add water as needed. The puree should be smooth and thick.

5. In a pan, heat olive oil on medium heat. When the oil is semi-hot, add Oregano and Tarragon. Stir to mix.

6. Bring the heat to medium-low and add the squash puree.

7. Add the remaining seasonings (salt, paprika, peppercorn, chilli powder, nutmeg).

8. Cook for 5-10 mins and then add the cream and butter. Cook for a few more minutes till you steady release of bubbles. I actually heard 'pops' because my soup was pretty thick :)

9. Remove from the gas and have it HOT!!! The sour cream in the picture seen below is purely for garnishing....or is it ;) ?

We had our soup with some baguette smeared with the leftover pesto, drizzled with grated mozzarella and then toasted in the oven at 375C for 10 mins till the cheese melted. Good stuff.....good times :)


Nags said...

i hate squash too! and pumpkin.. i've never cooked with them..

Cham said...

My belated Wishes to u N, Can I say u re lucky , the soup is to put u on diet after eating load of ice cream!

Raaga said...

Happy birthday...:)

This soup sounds lovely... will try

Asha said...

Happy belated birthday wishes from me too! :)

I made Squash soup once, nobody liked it here at home although it was the Squash not the taste of the soup! :D

I like it, looks great there, comforting soup for Winter! :)

Jayashree said...

Getting your partner to cook for you the WHOLE day.....sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate your bday.

sra said...

Birthday greetings! Hmm ... how nice to be at the receiving end of such attention, so what if you had to compete with a squash?

Oh, and I think I know who you are on Cyn's blog - I've been investigating. Heh heh!

DEESHA said...

you are one lucky woman I say .. My husband is not that great with cooking & surprising too .. Wishing you a Belated Happy Birthday .. i love squash & the soup is just lovely

PG said...

It is always a pleasure to read your posts. :)
Happy belated Birthday! I don't even know when mine comes according to the lunar calender.

The soup looks wonderful! I'm sure it tasted delicious! The sides (those breads in the background were attaracting my attention too. Delicious!

Vibaas said...

I hate squash too, but this looks so yummy. i'm gonna try this.

A_and_N said...

@ Nags: I hate squash too, Nags. See if you can like this :)

@ Cham: Thank you, thank you :)

@ Raaga: Thanks a ton, Raaga

@ Asha: I did not like it also before! Now, its a fave :)

@ Jayashree: I know, I know! I'm tired of his experiments in the kitchen though!

@ Sra: Sometimes one feels guilty. I'm trying hard not to feel guilty :P

@ Deesha: Thanks,Deesha! I think I'm like your husband :D

@ PG: I have a mother and mother in law who follow the lunar calendar :D So. I shall acknowledge the award the next post, PG. Sorry about missing the previous one.

@ Vibaas: Do try this and let us know!

A_and_N said...

@ Sra: Who am I? :D

Uj said...

Happy Birthday dear.. that was a nice spread that your hubby made for you.. soup looks inviting..

Dibs said...

Happy belated b'day! Loved the snap with the green and red topped baguettes, and the yellow soup. Very colourful!

A_and_N said...

@Uj: Thanks!

@ Dibs: Thank you, Dibs! Long time :)

aquadaze said...

Hey happy belated happy budday :) Oh i love squash. As a soup, I can have it anytime. So obviously, I love this one!

Lisa Michele said...

First off..that soup is to die for! Gorgeous photgraphy too!

Secondly, awesome, awesome comment you left on Jason's Yankee post. He loved it and replied to you :) He also wrote about the position players, but it was SO long, that I made the decision to make it into two He didn't like that very much! It'll be up soon, though!

Trupti said...

That is a good looking soup....even better are those baguettes!
thank you for your wonderful comments on my blog, much appreciated.

the spice who loved me

PG said...

I had explained in my post what waxy and floury potatoes are. Apart from the difference in the ration of amylose and amylopectin (check my post) waxy potatoes do not tend to fall apart on cooking and floury do and the floury potatoes appear to have a "rawa" like texture on breaking open, i.e., grainly and floury as compard to waxy which retain their shape and used for cooking plain boiled potatoes, whereas the floury ones are suited for certain things like if you wish to make croquettes or patties etc. But, it is also a matter of liking.
Hope it is mor clear now.

PG said...

I read your new comment. :)
here they are always labeled as either floury or waxy when you buy them. sometimes you may have to ask.
Although, I have observed that the floury poatoes, especially the bigger ones, have a rough skin, with a lot of scars and kind-of cracked appearence, even if not throghout.

Sia said...

love this soup and more than that i love that baguette smeared pesto and mozzarella. total yum

Nandini Vishwanath said...

@PG : Gotcha! Will start observing and see if I can find that in the US - I mean the packaging :)

@ Sia: Thanks! :) I loved the baguette too!

@ Lisa: My husband shall respond soon. You dunno how excited he is to have found Jason. Sigh.

@ Aquadaze: Thanks :)

@ Trupti: Your blog is a delight, Trupti. Tried lots of stuff and we love it :) Thanks for your compliments!

crumpledpapers said...

I have always been awed by slow roasted caramelized squashes! they developsuch sweet almost sugary flavor yet it is so nutty and fresh!!

I'm not a fan of Oregano, I think I'll replace that with Thai basil or maybe rosemary and cinnamon and black pepper. Squash and pumpkins go famously with cinnamon. The pesto baguettes are brilliant innovation.

I have another soup in mind that you would love I'll post it soon too.