Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The cosy, cheesy Oscar Party

A and I are tired of people for sometime now. Forgive us. But, we are tired of cooking and dining and hosting. Its all our fault, really. We never make it easy on ourselves. We love to entertain and make everything fancy-schmancy. Whether the guest appreciates it or not, we are very serious about it and hold a 2 member feedback session the next morning. Most of our entertaining is done on Fridays or during the weekend. And Saturday morning is spent lazily figuring out how we could have done better. Yes, we're mad. Judge us. Throw stones at us.

We wanted to throw an Oscar Party. Not. I wanted to go out and eat, while A wanted to cook as always. She took me out to lunch at Taqueria Del Sol one day and I had some heavenly cheese dip with my Tortilla chips. I've been dreaming about it ever since and couldn't take it out of my head. In fact, I looked for it everyday here, never finding it. So, while I threw tantrums asking to go out to eat, A bribed me with the idea of a private, cosy Oscar party. Just for the two of us. I'm dieting, and I knew it wasn't going to be a party in any sense for me. But he played just on that. He enticed me with 'one day only' junk food and promised he'd take care of the cooking and the cleaning while I ogled at Hugh Jackman. I fell into the carefully laid out trap. So, we had a grand party in Pajamas with a comforter thrown in for good measure and some really, really bad food. This is what we ate for over 3 hours.

Tortilla chips with a cheesy dip laced generously with jalapenos
Some fries. Okay, make that lot of fries. The only redeeming factor being that they were baked.
Hummus with some tortilla chips
Water (for me)
Chocolate pudding

Did I mention cheese dip? I didn't? We also had some cheese dip. With the Tortilla chips. No, it wasn't the other way round. In fact, I had it with Roti tonight too. Sigh. I ate well that night. After a strict carb-less, fat-less diet for 2 weeks, I alternated between cheese dip and Hugh Jackman effortlessly. Now, I have beautiful dreams of both my indulgences. *smacks lips*

Since we were making it anyway, I decided to take some pics. And I came up with this one. So, I thought I'd live my day dream. Let me explain or rather show.

You see, I'm a huge believer in miracles though it has never worked for me. I always day-dream of something so radical happening that changes my life in a positive way in an instant (without me working on it, btw) This was one such day dream. We are sending the above picture to CLICK- Cheese and Tofu, the monthly photography event hosted by the Jugalbandits.

We did not think we'd participate in CLICK this time or any time in the near future. We are 'almost' new to food blogging and our pics suck. They are far from good. If we *do* get good pics, it is out of sheer luck. However, I entertained the thought at the back of my mind constantly. You know the day-dream thingy? Just like the cheese dip I day-dreamed about and now I night-dream it too.

So, there you go. The cheese dip was delish. It was good. Really good. I should stop now.

P.S- I know we have some awards that we have to acknowledge, but I thought the cheese dip should take centerstage and we are running a little late for some stuff. So, the awards shall be duly acknowledged in the next post. I promise. Mebbe, the next post after this cheese dip post that described the cheese dip which was so yummy, so heavenly, so cheesy, so lick-worthy, so...okay, let me go finish that cheese after all. Dieting? Who am I kidding!


bee said...

that's pretty darn awesome and delicious looking.

Nags said...

hahaha u are hilarius! and that's a lovely shot :D

Cham said...

After 2 weeks of low carb, here u go to dig this cheesy dip, Gal u make me crave now :( No No I can resist it! Sending to click is just fun, don't think the pic suck, I really love this oosy cozy cheesy dip !

Madhuram said...

That's a very hilarious narration. I'm not sure if SDM was Oscar worthy but your cheese dip picture is definitely Click worthy!

Passionate About Baking said...

I think you've found your clicking, oops, calling in life! You've gotto click more often...gorgeous!! Wnat a great post!!

Arundathi said...

that's an awesome click!! good job!!

aquadaze said...

Oh I am envying you your cheese dip. And the click is absolutely perfect!!

Asha said...

We had cheese and chili Fondue for Super bowl party, love the cheese dip with salsa too. Looks good. Great CLICK too!:))

Vani said...

Ooh, that's one gooey dip. It MUST've been super-delicious! Oh wait, I think you mentioned that a few times already :)

DEESHA said...

My family is soo much like yours .. My dad loves having ppl for dinner so we always cooked elaborate meals over the weekends & they next day we all sat together & analysed what was good & what could be improved & all that .. My hubby is a big fan of cheese, but the calorie part is freakin me ..

Red Chillies said...

Hey thanks for visiting my site. I am aso glad that I found yours. You write very well and I have enjoyed reading your posts. I must have read half a dozen posts by now and feel pretty good reading your witty statements.
I will visit you more often and read the remaining posts. :-)

A_and_N said...

@Bee: Thanks, Bee!

@Nags: Thanks man :)

@Cham: What to do? What to do? Did you see that? :D

@Madhuram: Thanks :)

@Deeba: Thanks so much!

@Arundathi: Ranj keeps talking about you :) Thanks for hte compliments!

@ Aquadaze: Thank you!

@ Asha: I stick to my stand. I will do dharna soon if you don't do as I asked :D

@ Vani: Hehe :D thanks a ton

@ Deesha: Once in a while is fine ;)

@ Red Chillies: Danke! :)

Soma said...

Hey Love that shot!! Reeeeeaaaaallllyyyyyyyyyy good!! i saw it in the gallery but have missed reading who it is from!

Usha said...

Funny post, the cheese dip looks tempting, wish I could indulge in that right now :-)

Aparna said...

That was some party alright. Wouldn't mind eating that stuff.:( Why does unhealthy food have to be tasty???
Btw, the picture is good. I know about the "day dream thingy" and its not always about winning (so they say).:D

Pooja said...

I am totally with you on the entertaining extravaganza! I don't know why my husband and I are such serious entertainers. We even have a crazed house-cleaning session the evening before! Arrgh!

In the same breath, I think I need to host a party before I make your dip. If I'm going down, I'm taking people with me!

A_and_N said...

Ladies, missed your comments.

Soma: Thanks :)

Aparna: I learnt the hard way that tasty food is rarely healthy :(

Pooja: I totally know what you mean by cleaning. And the husband bakes EVERY night. Pain.