Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oatmeal-Lemon Cookies

Shocked? Don't be. I'm back in India, back being A's most loved guinea pig. It took me a long time to settle down and finally, I'm all settled in. Not had a weekend without friends and family. I love it like I hate it #getit?

Sometime back in Syracuse, while chatting with a friend, who had gotten interested in baking had just started, we'd both decided to bake some oatmeal cookies together. Virtually, that is. Just like one of the groups. But with just both of us. Ya, we swing like that. She found a recipe and baked it and posted it here. I'm proud to say that it took me less than 6 months to make it and it took me another month to post it.

On July 5, it was her birthday and I was sitting around at home doing nothing. It had been over 15 days since I'd landed and except unpacking for the most necessary stuff (read toothbrush), I was being extremely lazy and didn't even want to cook everyday meals. So much for my 'I want to go home to cook, to eat' spiel I gave you all. Finally, when the whole of Twitter was wishing her, I thought it was time to get off my behind and make these cookies in her honour. Also I had to use the new KitchenAid without A interfering with 101 instructions. New only to me. When A came back to India last year, he bought himself a shiny red KitchenAid that he used to make cake and bread for our parents. I figured I was no less. So, decided to use the KitchenAid to bake up this really fresh tasting cookie.


I'd never have mixed oatmeal and lemon together. I like my oatmeal with chocolate or with spices like cinnamon and ginger, thank you! But thanks to her (do click on this link, coz she has a hep food blog now!), I tried this out. Another reservation was that I'm not good with cookies. Both A and I constantly mess up with cookies. If you notice, the only other cookie we've baked are the shortbread ones. We don't have the patience to cool it on a cooling rack and mostly never take it out on time. Plus, the amount of butter that goes into it? Makes you feel that a pound cake is better. Don't ask me why. My non Maths calculating brain has decided that cookies are far more dangerous.

Anyway, this took all of 10 mins to whip up and was so, so easy! I burned the first batch. No surprises there, I guess. I wasn't still used to the oven we have here. So, I had to adjust some temperature details with my oven and watch it like a hawk the second time around.

Mine weren't as flat and thin as hers. Hers look crisp, while mine came out looking dense and fudgey even ( the batch I took out really early because I was reminded that this is A's work :P) But I loved it. The delicate hint of lemon without overpowering the rusticity of the oatmeal in the cookie worked wonders with chai. The cookie wasn't sweet either. That's another thing about lemon cookies - they are overpoweringly sweet.


Do try it and tell me how you liked it!

P.S.- A is trying his writing skills (ha ha!) on Burrp these days with some rather hilarious (for me and you) reviews. Here's a sample for which he won a movie voucher. Yeah, lucky bugger!

"Typically, herbivores (a.k.a us) and Bengali food are considered antipodes. However, our love for regional cuisine got the better of us and we went to 6 Ballygunge Place for dinner tonight. Blah, blah, blah."

You are very welcome. I love making people laugh, yes.


Mnaju said...

haha..good post!! so you did manage to lug the kitchenaid along :) good for A and you! love cookies with anything in it - oatmeal, chocolate chips, anything, just give it to me and I can eat it!

A_and_N said...

A brought it with him, Manju. He left me but brought the KA along :P

Do try this for chai. Are your parents still there? I'm sure you're having a blast with them!

Aparna said...

I #getit! :D
I used to dislike baked stuff with lemon in it because we don't traditionally use lemon in sweet stuff and our lemons (limes actually) are TART!!
We've now actually acquired a taste for baking with lemon. I thought lemon cut down on the sweet in bakes like cookies?

Arch said...

You're back !! Wonderful !! Hope you are liking it back here...And 6 Ballygunge place works magic even on vegetarians...awesome, awesome food there ! Hope the blog is updated more often now !

Bong Mom said...

Now you even have a shiny Kitchen Aid ? You are a hep food bogger, huh ? And where is A on Burp, pliss put link

A_and_N said...

Thanks for coming back here inspite of absolutely no hope from our side :P

Bong Mom: Hep? Using it only for Atta now since the resident baker is being too lazy! And here is the link. We are 'delectably yours.' -

Arch : I hope so too!

Aparna: I was sure you'd #getit :D